I don’t like non-strict typed languages, supported says that is not needed if you have good tests, that adding typed variables makes you lose time.

But… I like PHP, so I use tools like PHPStan or Psalm to prevent problems.

PHPStan has several levels, I use the highest (8), and…

I’ve spent a big part of my developer life refactoring applications. For whatever reason, it seems that I am good at this type of “challenges”. But in my current project, I decided to try something new: Domain-Driven Design. The result is much better than expected.

First, I will talk a…

I’ve been developing on Yii2 for 5 years now, and 6 months ago I decided to move to Laravel or Symfony.

These are my criteria (not sorted) for selecting a framework:

  • Market trends. Not to make the same mistake that choosing yii2.
  • Job opportunities.
  • Support and additional components.
  • Documentation.
  • And…

Coding CEO

Developer since I was 12. Upgraded to CEO. Can’t help not coding. Crazy about Code Quality.

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